I’m Not Dying With You Tonight (Book Review)

Hey y’all! I’ve been hearing about I’m Not Dying With You Tonight a lot lately, so I decided to check it out. It’s pretty short and I listened to the audiobook (through the CloudLibrary app of course). So, let’s get into it.

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5 Problems with Tyler Johnson Was Here (Book Review)

I was debating making this an actual book review because I didn’t finish this book. Truth be told, I did even finish the first hundred pages. Despite that, I had such strong feelings about it and I just needed to let it out.

Tyler Johnson Was Here Book Cover Photo
I was so excited to use this photo, then I started reading it.
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My Thoughts on Spike Lee’s See You Yesterday

See You Yesterday is the latest film in Spike Lee’s growing work with Netflix. Spike Lee was the producer and the film is directed by Stefon Bristol.

The story centers around a pair of Brooklyn teenagers who have basically invented a way to time travel. CJ and Sebastian are working on improving their invention, but before they can master it, CJ’s brother Calvin is murdered. CJ convinces Sebastian to help her try to save Calvin, despite the risks.

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The Hate U Give (Movie Review)

The Hate U Give is based on the book of the same name written by Angie Thomas and published last year, February. Both are about the main character, Starr Carter, and the actions she takes on after witnessing her childhood friend get shot at the hands of a police officer. Both the film and book focus on how she copes through the reality of what she witnessed and the steps that she takes in trying to prevent something like that from happening again. The Hate U Give is a story of activism, friendship, police brutality, family, gangs and most importantly: THUG LIFE.

I just saw this movie last night. I read the book last year and once I heard there was a movie coming, I just knew I had to go see it. I had wanted to see it during the early screenings but college doesn’t work like that, so I’ve had multiple exams and quizzes every week for the past month or so. I just got through a big exam Thursday and I decided Friday would be as good a time as any to go out and see The Hate U Give.

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All American Boys (Book Review)

No one should be absent because of police brutality.

All American Boys is told from the duel perspective of two boys. One black, the victim of the incident. The other is white, a bystander to what happened. Even though what really happened was a misunderstanding, it doesn’t change the fact that the officer went too far, and that Rashad is now in the hospital. The book details Rashad’s trouble in piecing together what happened to him and what this means for his future, because he will never be the same again. Quinn on the other hand, must decide whether he will walk away from all of this, pretend he never saw a thing, or stand up for the truth.

All American Boys details a struggle that has been like a distant pain in society’s back. Police brutality is nothing new to the United States, but this novel shows two perspectives of the situation. I enjoyed the inclusion of justifications that seemed racist from an outside perspective, but could ultimately be thought of by someone who was trying to look at the situation passively. The strong will and ultimate resolution sent a powerful message that is definitely necessary in our current state. We have to talk about these things, admit that it’s a problem, and try to fix it. No one should be absent because of police brutality.