February Reading Wrap-Up

Hey y’all! February was quite a month and I somehow managed to get through books for both school and for fun. I’m honestly surprised I got through this many books. Anywho, let’s get into it.

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A Nonfiction November Wrap-Up

Hey y’all! I don’t know if I publicly declared it here but I’ve been participating in Nonfiction November. A friend on bookstagram introduced me to the concept at the beginning of the month and I’ve been rolling with it ever since.

If you’re one of the kind souls who keeps up with my monthly wrap ups then you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t read any nonfiction over the past few months. In all honesty, I was avoiding it for the past few months because I needed more escape and I already read nonfiction essays for my classes all the time. That being said, it’s been nice to get back into the genre and pick up things I’m interested in rather than just being assigned to read these things.

Here’s what I read over the course of Nonfiction November:

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October Wrap-Up

Hey y’all and happy Veteran’s Day! So, I know we’re already well over a week into November but I honestly forgot to make this last week. I’ve definitely been slacking when it comes to blogging and I’m going to try to be better at that... but finals are in a couple weeks so no promises.

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September Wrap-UP

Hey y’all! September was really something. There was a little bit of everything: reading, existential crises, book mail! Yeah, it’s been a month, that’s for sure. But look at me being on top of these wrap-ups. It’s almost like I’m ignoring my other responsibilities to focus on something I’m actually passionate about. What a thought.

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