June Library Book Haul Wrap-Up

I’m back for another Library Book Haul Wrap-up. I got through all four books this time around. Some were great, others not so much. Here’s a summary of my thoughts, for full reviews click the links.

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Mini Review Monday: Shazam

I decided to bring this back for a bit. Mini Review Mondays are just that, a mini review on a Monday. I use them for books, TV Shows, and movies (when I’m in the mood). Let me know if you like these Mini Reviews and I’ll keep doing them.

Shazam! on EW's special Comic-Con cover: 'It's Superman ...
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Mini Review Monday – The Last OG

I’m trying out a new series! If you’d like to participate, just comment down below. Mini-Review Monday is just that, a mini-review on a Monday. It can be on books, products, or TV shows/movies.

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