Mr. Iglesias (Show Review)

Mr. Iglesias is a show starring Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias where he stars as a history teacher who’s trying to help his underprivileged students succeed. He fights for his kids, making sure they can stay at the school even when administration tries kicking them out to boost school ratings.

"Mr. Iglesias" Hilarious Trailer Debut! | LatinHeat ...
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Secret Life of Pets 2 (Movie Review)

The movies that have been coming out lately really haven’t been my cup of tea so I haven’t went to the theaters in about a month now. It’s so weird thinking about how I used to go to the movies so rarely and now I go almost every week. Oh, how the tables have turned.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Movie Snowball, Chloe and Maz
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Mini Review Monday: Shazam

I decided to bring this back for a bit. Mini Review Mondays are just that, a mini review on a Monday. I use them for books, TV Shows, and movies (when I’m in the mood). Let me know if you like these Mini Reviews and I’ll keep doing them.

Shazam! on EW's special Comic-Con cover: 'It's Superman ...
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5 Funny Easter Eggs from On My Block Season 2

If you read last week’s post, you already know how I breezed through Season Two of On My Block. It’s honestly a great show. Since I finished the second season, I decided to rewatch Season One. It’s just as great, if not better, than I remembered. While recapping on Season One, I noticed a lot more references from the first season in Season Two. Here are a few.

Sidenote: There will be spoilers so read at your own risk.

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