If Long Way Down was a Movie: Dream Cast

Hey y’all! Remember when I did that dream cast for Opposite of Always? Well, I guess the director bug has bit me again. Today’s dream cast is part of the tour being hosted by Hear Our Voices for the October 13th release of Long Way Down: The Graphic Novel.

If you’ve been here for basically any amount of time, you already know how much I absolutely love Jason Reynolds and his writing. I actually read Long Way Down for the first time over a year ago, so as soon as I heard it was being adapted into a graphic novel I was super excited.

Now let’s get into this dream cast!

film illustration GIF by Kochstrasseâ„¢
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Opposite of Always… but Make it a Movie (Dream Cast)

Hey y’all! I’ve had this post in my drafts for well over a month. I decided now was as good a time as any to finish and post it, especially with how much I enjoyed this book.

The whole time I was reading Opposite of Always, I kept thinking about how it could play out on the hypothetical big screen. It was giving me some See You Yesterday vibes and I could definitely see Spike Lee producing and/or directing this.

Heads up, this will contain a few spoilers.

As far as the cast goes:

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