Grown-ish Season 3 Episode 5 (Recap + Discussion)

This week was so tough, y’all. I’m not talking about the usual toughness where I’m complaining about how much I have to read in such a short time. I’m talking about all those readings, plus two essays, and a homework assignment that I forgot until two hours before it was due. I’m also running for my school’s campus governor, so add a campaign to that. Did I mention that I’m going to be in my organization’s pageant? Yeah, I’m doing way too much right now.

On the other hand, Grownish actually wasn’t doing the absolute most on Thursday. It was a pretty real episode and I’m lowkey hurt by how it ended.

So, let’s get into this.

Grown-Ish Season 3 Cast
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Grownish Season 3 Premiere (Recap + Discussion)

It’s good to be back y’all. I’ve missed these recaps so much!

With all the snippets and previews and hints the producers have been dropping since Season 2 ended, you already know we were in for quite the ride. The only think I’m disappointed about is the fact that episodes are still only 30 minutes. Are they not reading our tweets? What happened to two episode season premieres?

Grownish Season 3 Cast
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5 More Things I Want to See in Grownish Season 3

My Saturdays are kind of dry without the recaps, so I wanted to bless your timeline with a second installment of “Things I Want to See in Grownish Season 3.”

Let me know how y’all feel about these posts in the comments and make sure you follow this blog via email on the sidebar for updates. If you’re on the mobile view, you’ll have to slide all the way down. Now, let’s get into it.

Grownish Season 2 Cast
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Here’s 5 Things I Want to see in Season 3 of Grownish

Now that Grownish has wrapped up Season 2, there’s a lot of theories going around about what will be happening in Season 3. I’m excited for the next season, even if that does mean waiting over a year.

Still, I do have a few requests for Season 3.

Grown ish Season 3
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Grownish Season Finale Season 2 Eisode 21 (Full Recap + Discussion)

Season Two has been one wild ride, I just can’t believe we have to wait until Winter 2020. Now that I have a Hulu account, I think I might go back and do these recaps for Season One. Let me know if I should in the comments.

Grownish Season 2 Episode 21 Zoey, Ana, Nomi, Jazz, and Sky
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