The Last Last Day of Summer (Book Review)

Hey y’all! I was actually sent a review copy of The Last Mirror on the Left but after hearing the synopsis for the first book in the series, I decided to buy a copy of The Last Last Day of Summer from Cultured Books (a Black woman owned bookstore). All thoughts are my own, as goes with every one of my reviews.

I’m sure you’ve all been on the edge of your seats waiting for my full thoughts on this series ever since my interview with Lamar Giles. Oh, wait, you weren’t? Well, stick around anyway to see if this might be the story you’re looking to add as an upcoming stocking stuffer.

StoryGraph Synopsis

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The Loud House: Winter Special (Comic Review)

Hey y’all! As I mentioned in my review of the last comic collection, I absolutely love The Loud House. When I saw an ARC of the next collection on Netgalley, I knew I had to request it. It was basically shouting my name.

I didn’t mention there (but I’ve said it many times before) that I also LOVE The Casagrandes. It makes me so so happy to see that kind of family represented for kids and I just love it. Okay, now let’s get into this review!

StoryGraph Synopsis

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Reliving my Childhood: The Magic Treehouse

Hey y’all! Remember my “books that shaped my childhood” post a few weeks ago? Back when I went down memory lane and told you all about the lives I lived through these stories. Well, I decided to actually reread one of those books and boy do I have something to say.

A Little Backstory

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Books that Shaped my Childhood

Thinking about The Babysitters Club and how it shaped my childhood made me start thinking about all the other wonderful books I read as a kid. Though I can’t remember everything I read (books were, and kind of are, basically my life) there are some books and series that stand out.

Seeing as I’m 20 and out of the K-12 school system, I’ll be breaking these down into Elementary (Primary School), Middle (Grades 6 – 8), and High School (Secondary School).

The Formative Years… or Elementary School

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