Let’s Catch Up (#38)

Hey y’all! This week has gone by in a bit of a blur. It’s just one big mess of school, books, and social media drama. I guess we’ll get into it though. So go on and grab your cozy drink, fluffy blanket, and take a seat so we can catch up!

"Ahhh, I'm just a big toasty cinnamon bun." Homer Simpson GIF
I hope you’re feeling this cozy.
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Let’s Catch Up (#36)

Hey y’all! We’ve made it through another week together, isn’t that wonderful? This week has felt a little like a fever dream, but not in a bad way. I just feel like everything and nothing happened simultaneously. Anywho, go grab your winter drink of choice, a cozy blanket, and take a seat so we can catch up!

Blanket Curl Up GIF by MOODMAN
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Let’s Catch Up (#33)

Hey y’all! So it was another week without new posts but can you blame me? This holiday season was an interesting one, to say the least. Go on, grab your seasonal drink in your seasonal mug and a seasonal blanket so we can have this catch up session.

Life Update

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