Black Lightning (Show Review)

This CW show follows the fictional superhero, Black Lightning, a man with the ability to control electricity. After a chain of events affecting his family transpire, Jefferson Pierce finds himself coming out of his nine year retirement to save his daughters. With the help of Gambi, aka The Tailor, Black Lightning uses his new and improved suit to attempt freeing the people of Freeland from the clutches of The 100, a notorious gang with control over the community.


Black Lightning addresses various social, political, and cultural issues. From marches and discrimination to the relationship of children and parents and how that affects later life. Sexuality is also lightly addressed through one of the characters. Anissa is definitely my favorite character because she is a total activist dead-set on making the world a better place.


black lightning netflixI got caught up in the hype of Black Lightning after seeing the endless images popping up along my Twitter and Instagram feeds. I finished the entire first season in two days on Netflix (#NoRegrets).

I loved the social commentary and the subtle easter eggs. If you look closely in one of the first few episodes, there’s a picture of Jefferson Pierce shaking President Obama’s hand. I found that interesting. The dialogue was wonderful, the fight scenes were cool, and there was definitely a lot of thought put into this show.