The Life of an English Major

Hey Lovebugs, I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I certainly haven’t forgotten about you. If you haven’t heard it before, you’re going to hear it now. I’ve added English as my second major, which is honestly super fitting for me but… also super stressful.

So you may have noticed I haven’t had any recent book reviews up, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. Trust me, I’ve been reading.

My African American Lit class has us reading 20 to 30 pages out of our textbook every week. I just finished reading three books for my Intro to Lit class and we’re currently working on our fourth. This semester is definitely not what I’m used to.

It feels so weird being away for so long, so here’s some of what I’ve been reading these past few months:

Intro to Lit

[Insert] Boy by Danez Smith

Image result for insert boy danez smith

Kindred by Octavia Butler

Image result for kindred octavia butler

Beloved by Toni Morrison

Image result for beloved toni morrison

And coming up:

Fun House by Alison Bechdel

Image result for fun house alison bechdel

African American Lit

The Norton Anthology of African American Literature
Third Edition
Volumes 1 and 2

Image result for The Norton Anthology of African American Literature
Image result for The Norton Anthology of African American Literature

We’ve read several essays, short stories, and plays from this anthology. It has been quite the wild ride.

Sula by Toni Morrison

Image result for sula toni morrison

Up Next:

Platitudes by Trey Ellis

Image result for platitudes trey ellis

That’s all in terms of what I’ve been reading for my classes. I tried fitting in pleasure reading, but it’s been tough between classes and work. I’m looking forward to winter break to see what comes out of that.

How was your week?

What are you currently reading?

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving?

Author: Rachelle Saint Louis

Rachelle Saint Louis is a Haitian-American writer, born and raised in South Florida. She received a 2018 Silver Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition for her poem “Red Blood Cell.” She is currently a Psychology and English double major at Florida Atlantic University. Her poetry has been published in Rigorous Magazine. Rachelle has been writing poetry since the 7th grade and you can often find her performing Spoken Word at local open mics.

19 thoughts on “The Life of an English Major”

  1. You’re brave to take on English as a second major. More power to you! You can do this!

    I’m currently readijng Heads You Win, by Jeffrey Archer. I’ve never read any of his books, so I thought it was about time. Heads You Win is cleverly written. It’s about a mother and her son who are escaping from the Soviet Union in 1968, if I remember correctly. Do they get on a ship to Great Britain or do they get on a ship to the United States? And how do things go for them? The book has two parallel plots — in one they go to England, and in the other they go to America. I’m eager to see how these two plots merge or what happens in the end. Will the author tell us which plot was “real” or not?

    Good luck with all your studies! I majored in political science and minored in history. The amount of reading I had to do was overwhelming and took away my love of books for a while. Don’t let that happen to you! Hang in there!

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  2. When you HAVE to read a lot for classes, it can be super hard to fit in some pleasure reading on top. I hope you still enjoyed some of the books you listed here, because a lot of them seem interesting. It didn’t happen all too often, but sometimes my teachers really surprised me and I found books I genuinely loved through them.

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    1. Yes! There were some stories I found confusing or boring, but most of what we’ve read has been really interesting. We just finished Platitudes by Trey Ellis in African American Lit and I ended up loving it, even though I didn’t enjoy it at the beginning 🙂 Overall, I’m really happy I added English as a major

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