Grownish Season 2 Episode 12 (Summer Premiere) Recap + Discussion

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This week’s episode got HEATED. I know a lot of people are picking sides right now over the beef, but I’ll get to that later. Before we get into it, make sure to check out my full Season Two Recap so you’re up to date on all the juicy details.

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We pick up right where we left off with Zoey and Aaron having an awkward conversation of misinterpretation. Zoey’s stressed out about her dad cutting her off but Aaron think she’s stressing over him and Ana. Turns out she didn’t know about that, yet.

Aaron starts rambling about Masterchef Junior to try to avoid the conversation but Zoey shuts that down real quick. Aaron finally gets to the point and tells Zoey that he and Ana have been kicking it… naked. Zoey ends up silently pissed and Aaron sends Ana a warning text super late. Zoey literally opens the door right after Ana sees it. Zoey says hi to Ana with the fakest smile and Zoey runs into her room to puke in a trash can.

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Zoey does her monologue on Girl Code and how Ana broke the number one rule of it by hooking up with Aaron. She also mentions that the Aaron thing was a “situationship” which makes the line a little more murky. As Zoey’s looking at her super artsy board of pictures, we switch over to Ana and the home girls.

Jazz, Sky, and Nomi are all pissed at Ana. Sky acknowledges that Ana’s sneak game was on point. I’m still surprised nobody noticed. Ana says Zoey won’t come out of her room no matter how hard she’s tried, but sis literally gave the door three taps and whispered.

Doug doesn’t understand how Aaron and Ana ended up together. Vivek spews some straight facts about how everyone’s pissed about it. Aaron is three seconds away from starting a group text with Zoey and Ana so Doug takes his phone away.

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The girls follow Ana to Zoey’s room to get her to patch things up. Sky leaves her phone on face time so the girls can listen in on the drama. Ana starts apologizing but Zoey is silent the whole time. When Ana begs Zoey to talk, she calls her a “shady piece of backstabbing trash.” Then Ana says “we didn’t mean to hurt you” and Zoey is pissed about that use of plural.

Ana says that Aaron is technically not Zoey’s ex but Zoey asks Ana why she was sneaking around, then. Zoey tries calling Ana out on the fact that she told her to choose Aaron. Then Ana points out that she chose Luca.

While Sky, Jazz, and Nomi are listening in, Sky mentions how Zoey wanted a relationship like the one Jazz and Doug had. Jazz says “Everyone wants what we have.” Then Nomi hits her with that “including you” and I was sent! I felt that.

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Sky agrees with Ana’s point, saying that Zoey and Aaron were a situationship and she chose Luca so case closed. Zoey has nothing to be pissed about since she wasn’t in a real relationship with Aaron. Nomi brings up the fact that the twins wanted Zoey to choose Cash and to that they reply “I don’t recall.”

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Ana and Zoey don’t resolve anything. Zoey’s on some petty ish, slamming the door on her way out. Nomi and the twins try to act natural. Zoey makes sure to throw the phone on the couch so the girls know that she knows.

Zoey goes over to Luca’s apartment to vent to him about the situation. While he’s over here thinking about how crazy it is that these “Penitentiary Kitchen” dudes are making gourmet foods out of flaming hot Cheetos, she’s coming to him with this Ana/Aaron mess. Then Luca tells Zoey that he already knew about the hookup.

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Ana, Nomi, Jazz and Sky are having a talk about what qualifies as an ex. Ana says that since they didn’t even have sex, it didn’t really count. Nomi talks about the possibility of an emotional connection. Jazz says that any dude from her past is off limits, especially Lil’ Rico with the baby teeth from sixth grade.

Vivek has just demolished Doug in foosball when Aaron runs in with some nonsense about talking it out with the Zoey and Ana in person. He hasn’t even given the girls a chance to breath before he’s trying to run off and fix things. Vivek gets lost in though about the possibility of the girls fighting. Doug puts things in perspective when he asks Aaron how he’d feel if one of his boys tried to get at Zoey.

Jazz rephrases and says that everyone after ninth grade counts. But Lil Rico from the sixth grade is still off limits. Ana is tired of all the talk about what constitutes a relationship and Girl Code and all of that. The girls tell her that if she was worrying about all that earlier, she wouldn’t be in this mess with Zoey and her friendship would still be intact. Ana says that she didn’t really lie about anything. Nomi says it’s a lie of omission and Ana’s hurt Zoey pretty bad, it’s gonna be hard for Ana to get that trust back.

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Back to Zoey and Luca. Zoey starts spewing straight nonsense about betrayal or whatnot after she finds out Luca knew about Ana and Aaron. She even accuses him of sleeping with Ana, too, which is seriously ridiculous. As soon as she calls Aaron her ex, Luca’s done. He asks her why she even cares about it and accuses her of still having feelings for Aaron. Luca tells her she should find another place to “process it.” I honestly don’t blame him. She was popping off on him for no reason.

Zoey ends up going to the only place left for her: Hawkins. Doug and Vivek tell her Aaron’s not there but she already knows thanks to the handy dandy friend tracker.

Doug and Vivek welcome her in and have a good chat, then Doug goes off to take a soothing bath. Vivek asks Zoey when she plans on leaving since he sleeps on the couch. Turns out the guys at Winthrop don’t talk to him much after they stock up on what he’s selling. Vivek also tells Zoey that her friends really care about her and Ana cares a lot about her, too. He leaves her to think about things a little more.

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Aaron has a whole Romeo and Juliet balcony text scene with Ana. He asks if she wants to talk but she decides she needs a little more time. He lets her know he’s there if she needs him and she goes back inside. The song that was playing during this scene was so perfect for the mood. It’s called True Colors by QuestionQ feat. My Answers.

Zoey finally comes back into the apartment and Ana apologizes one last time. Then Zoey goes full on brutal and tells Ana she’s “just a girl I live with.” Sis even slams the door afterword. PETTY.

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The last scene is Vivek and Doug continuing their foosball tournament. Vivek won all Doug’s money and Doug challenges him to double or nothing. Doug fakes an injury and wins his money back. It’s pretty funny considering Vivek warned Doug about the “spinsies.”


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I personally feel like Zoey overreacted. Aaron isn’t really her ex and she definitely shouldn’t have gone to Luca about it. I’m not a big fan of their relationship but that doesn’t mean I support this total self sabotage. I was honestly surprised to see everyone who was on Zoey’s side of this mess on Twitter.

I think Zoey should have been more worried about the fact that she’s been cut off by her parents. I guess this was more of her avoiding the actual situation. I’m also wondering if Doug and Jazz are getting back together, especially considering the promos that have been out recently.

Now it’s time for you to tell me your thoughts on all of this.

What did you think about this episode?

How did Zoey have that picture of Ana staring at Aaron all dreamy eyed and not ask if something was up?

Do you think Zoey and Luca will last?

Does Zoey still have feelings for Aaron?

What do you think will happen with Ana and Zoey?

Do you think Doug and Jazz will get back together?

How do you think the whole cut off situation will work out?

What do you think will happen next episode?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

Author: Rachelle Saint Louis

Rachelle Saint Louis is a Haitian-American writer, born and raised in South Florida. She received a 2018 Silver Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition for her poem “Red Blood Cell.” She is currently a Psychology and English double major at Florida Atlantic University. Her poetry has been published in Rigorous Magazine. Rachelle has been writing poetry since the 7th grade and you can often find her performing Spoken Word at local open mics.

3 thoughts on “Grownish Season 2 Episode 12 (Summer Premiere) Recap + Discussion”

  1. 1.) I thought the episode was great. I love that this show gives different perspectives to the situations they have. I, too, feel that Zoey was being extremely petty. She didn’t date Aaron. And they barely dealt with their feelings. He told her how he felt and she chose someone else. End of that discussion. I’d also think of who Ana is as a person. She’s been there for Zoey. She hasn’t done any other backstabbing. And I would hear her out. She didn’t have any malicious intent. I also have a Christian view on this. People shouldn’t just get with anyone they think is cute or think they “vibe” with. Cause then this happens. It’s bound to happen. I believe God has someone for you and if you wait He will show you. But not everyone is Christian and/or will agree with me.
    2.) I really am not sure.
    3.) I’m not sure about this either. According to the next episodes, they seem pretty good.
    4.) I think so. My mom thinks so. I can tell there’s something there because of the fact that she hesitated when Luca asked her that question. Also, because she’s extremely bitter about someone she didn’t even date.
    5-8.) So, I was on a trip and I hadn’t watched the show in a while. But caught up with all of it in like one day. So I’m super late but caught up if that makes sense. So I will let you know in the comments of your next post. HAHA!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Better late than never 🙂 I’ve missed hearing your thoughts on these posts.

      Zoey was so petty for that episode and I’m just happy everything got resolved later on. I still don’t think her relationship with Luca will last very long and I totally agree with what you were saying about dating. People shouldn’t just date each other on attraction alone, it’s bound to fail and become a big mess like this one.

      Liked by 1 person

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