The Incredibles 2 (Movie Review)

In the second installment of The Incredibles, our focus is shifted to Elastigirl as she tries to make superheroes legal again. Mr. Incredible takes over watching the kids while Elastigirl uses her new suit and sweet ride to save the city from her newest foe, the Screenslaver.

Apparently she used to have a Mohawk, too.

I saw this movie twice in theaters. Once in 3D and the second time in 2D. I honestly preferred the 2D version to the 3D. I feel like you can better appreciate the art that way and the picture is so much brighter.

I would say that I enjoyed this film but it was incredibly over hyped (no pun intended). The nostalgia of getting this sequel after so many unanswered years really got the best of us. It had me expecting this amazing action film with drama and a gripping story line. At the end of the day, this is a children’s movie, and a great one at that. But that doesn’t mean it could ever live up to our over-inflated expectations.

What I would say? Take your kids, or cousins, or whoever out to see this film and they’ll enjoy it. It’s still a great movie, no matter how predictable. It does a great job of incorporating some modern technologies while still keeping that 60s look to the character styles.


As far as the characters themselves, I loved how we got to know more of Violet. She’s definitely changed for the better since the first film. She is ready to take action and save the day when her parents bite off more than they can chew. Dash plays the role of the annoyingly adorable little brother well. He gets into trouble easily but gets out of it just as quick. Jack Jack was a wonderful comic relief throughout the film. It was great to see the family’s reaction to Jack Jack’s powers. Frozone will forever be one of my favorite characters from this Pixar universe, despite his short-lived screen time. He is a great sidekick.

jack jack
I just wanted an excuse to use this gif