Two for Tuesday – Ira Crumb, Poppy & Sam

ira crumb

The second Ira Crumb book marks the return of an endearing character full of personality, humor, and heart. With lots of laughs and comics-style storytelling, it’s a funny, touching look at how feelings can be confusing, and how processing emotions can take time–and a bit of help from a pretty good friend.
I’m happy to hear that Ira’s back with a new lesson to teach. This book is perfect for starting a conversation about feelings with children, whether in a classroom setting or at home with your little ones. This silly tale will have your child giggling and empathizing without even realizing.

It’s a beautiful day in the garden when Poppy and her panda friend, Sam, hear a commotion. Their friend Basil–who has always been known for his elegance–is in tears, because somebody nibbled his leaves last night!


Poppy puts her detective skills to work, with help from Sam, and together they set out to find the culprit. They start by interviewing the insects, but Ms. Honeybee, Madame Ladybug, and Mr. Bumblebee all have contradictory suspicions of their own. So Poppy and Sam test some creative methods to catch the vandal red-handed. After a few misadventures, they find the remorseful nibbler–and Basil helps him understand that everything tastes better when it is freely offered.

This story is perfect for that special little detective in your life. It can also help introduce kids to gardening and insects. 
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