Two for Tuesday – Gina From Siberia and Watermelon Madness

gina from siberia.png

Based on a true story of Gina, a wire haired terrier, whose family snuck her out of Siberia and into the USA at the conclusion of the Cold War, this beautiful and thrilling tale follows Gina as her family travels by bus, train, car, plane and minivan. Upon arrival at her new home, 5,681 miles away from her old home, Gina is not happy and lets everyone around her know it. But slowly, she comes to accept her new surroundings with the help of her new friend Victor, a large boxer. Talking about her friends and family back home in Siberia heals the emotional wounds, making Gina believe that just maybe her new home isn’t so bad after all.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story of this dog’s long, long journey from Siberia to the United States. It is quite heartfelt. Gina From Siberia is a perfect family read.

watermelon madness.png

Noura is crazy about watermelon. She wants to eat nothing else, every day, at every meal. In fact, Noura thinks there is no such thing as too much watermelon. Until one night, when the watermelon she has hidden in her room to eat all by herself begins to grow and Noura gets taken on a wild watermelon adventure! A story that can be the springboard for a discussion on favorite foods, eating a balanced diet, sharing with others and trying new foods.

Watermelon Madness is a creative story about how one girl’s love for Watermelon gets a little out of hand. Maya Fidawi uses an illustration style all her own that perfectly coincides with Taghreed Najjar’s writing. This can work in a classroom setting or as a bedtime story.

I read these titles as ARCs through