The Hate U Give (Book Review)


Starr is sixteen and trying to live as close to a normal life as she can. She lives in Garden Heights, an area known for all the wrong reasons. She may live in the “ghetto” but she goes to a prep school in the suburbs. She basically has to be two different people.

One night, a party in the Heights turns into one of the worst days of Starr’s life. That is the last time she speaks to Khalil Harris, one of her best friends growing up. That is the night she has to watch a friend die for the second time.

I loved this book and the way the author addressed such a sensitive matter. The characters felt so real that I could just imagine them sitting right there in front of me. I really connected with Starr as a person, especially when she talked about having to disprove stereotypes by basically living two lives.

The Hate U Give┬áis about so much more than police brutality. It’s about society, race, and how the two can never really be separated. It’s about how murder can be normalized with a uniform and a badge. It’s about how the Hate U Give Little Infants F***s Everyone.