Monster: A Graphic Novel (Book Review)

Is Steve Harmon a Monster? That’s how the prosecutor sees him. Or maybe he’s just a kid who likes to make movies. Whatever Steve is, he’s on trial for armed robbery and felony murder. This trial determines whether Steve gets to live a free life. It’s up to the jury to decide whether Steve Harmon is a monster or not.

I read the original book back in middle school for my English class, so when I saw the graphic novel version, I just had to pick it up. The story resonated with me long after that middle school class, even if I hadn’t remembered all the details. I love how Dawud Anyabwile handled the graphics. His style reminds me of the Boondocks in it’s exaggeration of facial features and great attention to detail. Guy A. Sims did a great job in condensing the novel. The images and text flowed together really well.