OCDaniel (Book Review)

Daniel is a thirteen-year-old boy who gets Zaps. He can’t really explain what they are or why he gets them, he just knows there are things he needs to do to get rid of them. Whether that’s flicking the light switch on and off ten times, or making sure the milk glass is moved just right. He just wants the crushing feeling to go away.

Other than the Zaps, Daniel’s a normal enough kid. He “plays” on his school’s football team, but really he’s the backup kicker for a sport he doesn’t even like.

One day he finds a note in his backpack. It says:”I need your help,” signed Fellow Star Child. Following the note, things start to change pretty quickly for Daniel.

I loved reading OCDaniel. I picked it up at the library while checking over the A.S. King books and I’m glad I did. The novel approached Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and other mental illness in an honest and understandable way.