Still Life with Tornado (Book Review)

“I am sixteen years old. I am a human being.”

“Actually Sarah is several human beings. At once. And only one of them is sixteen.”

This is the second surrealist novel I’ve read by A.S. King. After reading I Crawl Through It, I knew I’d have to pick up another surrealist novel at some point. A.S. King is one of my favorite authors because of how well she handles these tough issues and the characters she creates and Still Life with Tornado was no exception.

16- year-old Sarah has seen something and she refuses to talk to anyone about it. 10-year-old Sarah is still reeling in the aftermath of the trip to Mexico. 23-year-old Sarah is tired of 16-year-old Sarah’s silliness. 40-year-old Sarah just wants 16-year-old Sarah to tell the truth about what happened.