This One Summer (Book Review)

I was absolutely blown away by the artwork.

Rose has been going to Awago Beach with her parents ever since she was little. She spends many of these days with her friend Wendy, who is like a little sister to her. This trip serves as a refuge from the hi and bye of everyday life, but this summer things are changing.

Rose’s parents are fighting constantly. Wendy and Rose are growing up and that means discussing their potential chest sizes, swimming on the beach and renting horror movies from Brewster’s, the only real store in Awago.

I have to start by saying, I was absolutely blown away by the artwork. I enjoyed the full page illustrations and how well Tamaki captured the facial expressions and movements. It was so natural and ran smoothly with the writing.


I really wish there was a follow-up novel because I wanted to know so much more about the girls and what their future held. I wouldn’t mind reading more of the Tamaki cousins’ work.