Life As We Knew It (Book Review)

Will Miranda and her family survive through the end of the world?

Life As We Knew It┬áis the story of Miranda and the world she’s known for so long coming to an end. Miranda is an average teenager living in Pennsylvania when reports of an asteroid heading toward the moon become the latest buzz. It becomes an event in which neighbors sit outside their homes to see the spectacle for themselves. The only problem, the scientists were off in their calculations.

What was expected was a small meteor, much like the ones that caused the moon’s earlier craters. What happened: a meteor large enough to send the moon just a little closer to the Earth.

At first Miranda is just disoriented by the moon’s strange appearance, it looks much bigger now. She soon learns that the moon’s appearance will be the least of her worries as reports of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and shifting weather patterns cause what she sees as an apocalypse.

Will Miranda and her family survive through the end of the world?

I enjoyed the world-building of this story. It felt fairly accurate in the natural disasters that would occur in an event like this. I will say there were times I had trouble relating to the main character, but she did win me over toward the end.

All in all, I give this story a 4/5 stars and I would recommend it to anyone who’s into dystopian novels with a real feel to them.