Persepolis (Book Review)

I would recommend this novel to just about anyone.

Persepolis is a graphic novel detailing Marjane Satraphi’s childhood experiences in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. In the story, we follow Marjane from the ages of eight to fourteen, seeing events through her perspective. Marjane is a well informed child, raised by parents who are educated in regards to government. For this, Marjane is a forward thinker, as well.

Though it is told from a child’s perspective, many serious issues of the Islamic Revolution are addressed. We see how the government dealt with protesting and what happened to those brave enough to stand up for their rights. We are also given insight as to why many families did not flee the country at the beginning of the revolution.

I enjoyed this story because I learned to expand my thinking of not only Iran, but of its people. The novel revealed the vast population of educated individuals who were against the revolution that took over the nation. I loved how the bits of humor didn’t overshadow the seriousness of the events that took place. It was an honest retelling of a child’s POV of such large, sudden changes. I would recommend this novel to just about anyone.