In Real Life (Book Review)

Anda has just moved from San Diego to Flagstaff, Arizona. She’s adjusting to the new circumstances and trying to figure out who she is, or at least who she wants to be. So when Miss Liza McCombs comes all the way from Australia to speak to her tech class about a multiplayer role-playing game called Coarsegold, Anda is all for the chance of submersing herself into another world. Anda goes in expecting a fun time, but soon learns there is so much more to the world than she has ever known.

I really enjoyed how In Real Life tackled an array of real-world issues, from social inequality to bullying and how what we do and say can affect others. The style of the novel was wonderful, I loved looking at how the illustrator decided to make certain people and poses. The character designs within the world of Coarsegold were well-crafted and I felt like I was watching an actual game playing out. The movement from panel to panel was so natural that I stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish reading it.