March: Book One (Book Review)

March is a graphic novel detailing Rep. John Lewis’ experiences growing up in the South during segregation. The novel speaks on his youth and the views he held growing up, concerning community, church, school, and society. The story follows Lewis through his first meeting with Dr. King and entrance into the Nashville Student Movement and their attempts to end segregation.

I loved the way the imagery laced into the storyline. This is the perfect novel to read by yourself or with your little ones. The story went along very smoothly and its inclusion of both current events as well as the past made it all the better. I enjoyed this graphic novel very much and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, but insightful read.

Everything, Everything (Book Review)

Everything, Everything details the story of one girl’s search for adventure in a world she is not able to explore. Being allergic to everything causes Madeline to be incredibly sheltered, with little to no real life of her own, that is, until Olly moves in next door. Madeline’s life soon becomes a roller coaster ride filled with rebellion, lies, and love.

I enjoyed Everything, Everything and I probably would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if I hadn’t been spoiled by someone I don’t even know. Despite that, the story was really cute. It was definitely predictable at points, but it still left me feeling a connection to the characters, who were surprisingly rather relatable teenagers. I left the story feeling content about the future of the characters I had grown to love in such a short period of time.