Red Queen (Book Review)

3.5 Stars

Red Queen details the story of a society separated by blood. Those with silver blood possess power, both literally and metaphorically. They are royalty, even called gods at many points. They have evolved to have powers like super speed, control of fire, immense strength, and many others. Those with red blood are the equivalent of peasants. They do the hard labor, they go to war, they are dispensable. When Mare counters the assumed roles of red blood by possessing a power she never knew she had, things become much more complicated. Add in the Scarlet Guard and their attacks on the societal structure, and you have a new issue altogether.

I honestly wanted to love this book. I’d heard so many amazing reviews and the plot sounded great. I thought it was really going to be new and exciting and something to love. In truth, I really did enjoy the first half of the novel, but something happened halfway through reading it. I just lost interest. It started getting too cliché with the romance and forbidden love. After a while the story was just too predictable. After over a month I had to force myself to finish it. I felt like there was an extreme lack of diversity among the characters. There was also a lot of unnecessary repetition and I feel it would have better benefitted the author to do more showing than telling.